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No time for coaching or reading huge books on how to reverse diabetes? Then this option is for you!

Webinar Membership Program:

Two monthly webinars provide riveting diabetes information, not available anywhere else.
Save 50-60% with the Webinar Membership compared to individually purchased sessions priced at $39 or more.
Webinar Topics listed below.

  • Live Webinars. Riveting diabetes information is delivered monthly through webinars.
  • Get Your Questions Answered. Attend the live webinar for your opportunity to ask questions.
  • Replay webinars. If you miss the live webinar, no worries! Your replay webinar will be posted in your membership account.

Membership Bonuses:
* Denise's 5 Favorite Recipes. Easy to make, tasty, and no one knows they are low glycemic.
* Book a free 30-minute private consultation ($100 Value)

Membership Pricing:

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My Diabetes Concierge

Webinar Membership

A minimum of 2 monthly webinars with riveting diabetes topics, a place to ask questions!

Coming ...

One-of-a-kind eLearning to reverse the effects of Type 2 Diabetes!

Learn to reverse diabetes on your own time, any time, with my new eLearning platform ~
My Diabetes Concierge™ eLearning

With My Diabetes Concierge™ eLearning, you will have access to podcasts, videos and documents to learn the same techniques used in one-on-one and group coaching sessions. My Diabetes Concierge™ offers an affordable learning platform to help you regain your health.

Should you need one-on-one coaching, don't worry, coaching opportunities will be available to enhance your experience!